Wednesday, July 1, 2009

136/365 – Playing with the Webcam

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

136 dated

Just me and my Noah, being silly with the webcam.  :)

135/365 – Buddy

135 dated

Every afternoon the dogs know exactly when it is time for Dwight to get home.  He feeds them their dinner and then they go out to play ball.  Today Dwight was playing with Cooper during ball time, which had Buddy very impatient. 

134/365 – Samurai Warrior

134 dated

We have been studying Japanese history and warriors so today Noah drew a samurai warrior and then colored him with crayons followed by a paint wash in the style of early Japanese art.  I think this is his best work to date.  :)

133/365 - Mustard

133 dated 

Cooper LOVES mustard…more than any kid I know.  He would eat it on everything if you would let him, but most certainly he slathers it on his hot dogs.  So much so, that it ends up on everything from his face to his clothes to the table. 

132/365 – Gam-Gam Will Be Proud

132 dated

I can remember learning how to diagram sentences pretty early so that I could help my mom grade English papers when she was backed up and had huge stacks to go through.  It has been really fun this week watching Noah start his own sentence diagramming.  He didn’t care for it much at first and got pretty frustrated, but once he got the hang of it and realized that it really isn’t that hard, he really took off.

131/365 – And So It Begins…

131 dated

My computer had been giving me a lot of warning signals the last few days that something was wrong.  Fortunately, I had time to get everything vital backed up before it all started falling apart.  Today I finally got the Blue Screen of Death and the beginning of what would end up being over two weeks of backing up, making lists of what programs are on the computer, getting a new hard drive, and reinstalling everything.  Needless to say, it put a MAJOR cramp in everything I do…the checkbook, my photos, everything!

130/365 – Mother’s Day

130 dated

Today is the day that I get to celebrate one of the absolute best things in my life, being a mother to my boys.  These are the cards that they made me this year.  Cooper’s has two sides, so you can see the reverse lettering on the front from the other side. :) Noah is really into the big thick lettering these days, so I am sure that he enjoyed making his.  There aren’t any cards in any store that could come close to the joy these cards bring.

129/365 – My Therapy

129 dated

While some people may see cutting the grass as a chore, that is certainly not the case for me.  Ever since high school, there has been nothing I find more relaxing than riding around the yard over and over in big circles on the lawnmower.  Dwight laments the fact that he has only been able to use the John Deere once or twice since we got it.  It is just the best way to unwind. 

128/365 – Spring Yardwork

128 dated 

I spent a couple of days this week trying to get everything weeded and trimmed in the front of the house.  Everything looks really good right now, but in a few weeks the lantana bushes will get huge and start taking over everything for the summer.  Oh well, at least it looks good now…for a little while at least.

127/365 – Homeschool Day at the Georgia Renaissance Festival

127 dated

Today was homeschool day at the Renaissance Festival.  Since Noah studied the Renaissance this year, we thought it would be a lot of fun.  This was the jousting tournament held before King Henry VIII.  We had huge smoked turkey legs for lunch.  Cooper bought a wooden sword and Noah bought a crystal.  It was so hot and humid, but we still had a great day.