Tuesday, September 1, 2009

181/65 – Big Day Out

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


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Today we spent the day downtown.  First we went to the aquarium, which we planned. The boys each brought their cameras and took their own photos.  It was fun watching them and seeing what they chose to capture in their photos. 

As many times as we have been, we have never seen the whale shark feeding and it was amazing.  They start pouring buckets of plankton into the water and the whale sharks open their huge mouths.  Suddenly you can see the water at the surface rushing into their mouths.  Over and over they do this and it was fascinating every single time. 

As we left the aquarium the boys asked if we could also go to the World of Coke museum and we decided, what the heck, and we made a double feature day.  The kids really enjoyed seeing all of the coke items, seeing the polar bear, and watching the 4D movie, but their absolute favorite part was being able to drink Coke.  We don’t let them have Coke at home so for them to be able to drink it to their hearts content was more than they could believe.  We each got a bottled Coke to take home as well, so the Coke Lovefest continued at home too. 

It was a really fun day. :)

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